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Friday, July 5th 2013

7:23 AM

2013 Buying Secrets Granite in MA

When I was upgrading our kitchen a while ago, we considered granite countertops. But it was dreadful trying to locate the right company. The challenge was we had no clue figuring out who to trust.

As a result here's my account...

My brother-in-law gave us the person's name of an outfit he and is wife heard were pretty trustworthy. We even had a recommendation from one of my neighbors. But we truthfully didn't know how to find out which contractor had better qualifications plus repute from the the rest.Listen, if you haven't been down this road before allow me to tell you it's scary.

So we selected our favorite ones (who we kinda trusted) but wanted to do one more round of small interviews. It was pretty awesome what did--we came up with two questions to see how each of them would answer. Sure it was a tad sneaky having them drive all the way out to our house again but you know what? It's our money so too bad .

Our first question we asked was over surprises--how do they manage with them if our contract does not mention anything about the problem? I read someplace (think it was on google that this is the one part of any reconstruction where you and your family can pay big if you do not talk about it previous to signing. Two of the guys somewhat brushed off the topic. One even alleged it barely ever happens. Ya, right buddy!

Second question was our big trick one. Well, so we thought. Do you have client references that were not pleased with the final work? Meaning, how did you fix the problem? Again, look for an response that conveys honesty and details about what happened and how they handled the issue. Too many people hope and pray that not anything will come up but in fact knowing ahead of time is wise how unforeseen things will be dealt with.

Beware: a person that does not have a full plan how extra work needs to be done is possibly going to be too inexperienced to do your job. Smart ones review the project more fully and can more often than not point out potentials that are going to come into play.

Another thing to think over is whether or not they are local yocals or a nationally connected contractor. What is the difference? A lot. Local guys live nearby. No surprise there. Although they also labor in the area, have lots of installations and that means one thing: trust.

Businesses allied with nationals (like Sears, Home Depot, Lowe's) can be respectable. But they can't always possess the level of competence as the guys they hire need that relationship to get jobs. Stand alone organizations with an office, long-term references and legitimate customer service concern are generally going to offer you and your family a whole lot more bang for your buck.

Asking these two questions are so central as it shows their promise to service long-term.

Give yourself at least 4 weeks to review your contractor bids & references.

We took the next steps to figure out who to hire:

Searched for customer testimonials on their website.

Weeded out contractors who didn't offer a lifetime agreement.

Only accepted recommendations less than 3 months old.

Clearly told them we wanted their cell phone numbers besides the office.

Also, there's something that is crucial when making your last choice Be sure you get a feel for the type of employees that work for them--doing so gives you an impression if they're ex-cons or skilled installers. Think about it--you can hire anyone to do the work but you can't control if they're first-class honest people you don't mind having your teenagers around.

Decide shrewdly as once you and your family hand them the deposit check there's no turning back. Rushing things will definitely result in picking the wrong contractor. I know it will get ridiculous selecting the top one. I was really struggling for months considering my last 2 guys. But in the end if you do the smartest research you will know the best choice for you and your family.

Good luck!

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